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First post, odd. Anyway, onto zee stuffs...

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My dear mean friend Juni forced me to get off the computer and do something productive. Curses. So I sewed these babies. First lined totes everrrrrrrrrr.

Ignore the attractive backdrop of my refrigerator, I didn't have any other way to hang them up.

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I'm so in love with this fabric. It reminds me of old French wallpaper or something. I kind of fucked up this bag to the 19th degree, but oh well. Yes, I am aware that the straps are frayed and don't match the bag. Straps are the fucking Antichrist so I just ripped these off a bag I made a while ago.

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This bag really didn't transfer into photos - it's bitchin' in real life. See, they're wee heart balloons or something. I don't know, shuddup. I didn't plan to have the straps be different colors but I ran out of the teal stuff.

I know, lots of brown in this post, weird. I got all this stuff from the remnants bins at JoAnne's, so I didn't really have a choice.

Though it isn't really crafting, it's still some sort of art (???). I cut ickle bangs yesterday, whee. Excuse my bustedness, it was 4 a.m. and I'm generally unphotogenic to begin with.
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i'm so proud of you. *sniffle*
Your bangs look hot! And I love the bags :)

When did you get the snakebites?! wtf!? Thanks for telling me!

Jerkface. ♥
Agreed! Also curious about the snakebites!
Haha, that was me douching around seeing how they'd look and forgetting I had them on when I took this picture. Since it's a rare occasion that I get a semi-decent picture of myself, I just posted it anyway. No snakebites for now, the girl I was gonna have do them went out of town or summat.