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I finally maxed out my first Photobucket.

Also, sorry that I'm only making bags right now, since I'm not at home I don't have the supplies for doing any stenciling or what have you.

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I know, I know. I already made a bag almost exactly like this, but I was determined to make something out of this fabric that didn't suck. I formulated a new method of making straps and also figured out how to put pockets in (thank god, I'd have a nervous breakdown if all my stuff were jumbled together in one big bag).

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This bag frickin' rocks. I love Valentine's Day clearance fabric. It's way less yellow than it looks, the lighting in my apartment is utter shit.

See? Lovely pocketses.
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There's a reason I never wear polos, and that reason is that THEY LOOK LIKE SHIT ON ME. But seeing as I'm the girl who never learns from her mistakes, when I found this at Salvation Army I bought it anyway. It'll probably go the way of every other polo I've owned (given away to Kim), but nonetheless, it was something to do.

I knew I needed to add something to it, but since I've no stenciling stuff I just sewed on a lightning bolt and put on one of my Minor Threat pins instead.

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No, the lightning bolt is not off-center. No, I didn't plan to have my belt match the lightning bolt. Yes, I finally got back my favorite pair of jeans. *SQUEE!*

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They're so ripped up and dead, I absolutely adore them. All that black and white stuff is patches sewn or adhesived or hot glued or 'tevs from the inside. Do I have any qualms about posting a picture of my crotch on the internet? Nope, none at all.
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i like the polo.
and the lightning bolt gives it pizzaz!
you don't look likt shit in polos, you look like the sexy sexy beast you are.
The polo looks great on you!

Cute bags! I'm going to make an Elvis bag this weekend.
The shirt is sweeeet. I love it. And the bags are just awesome. I've been looking for a new design to make and you just helped so much. Thanks!
You look so great.

That shirt is zupa neat-o.

Haha, I remember when I first started hanging out with you, and you and I were sitting outside of Kia's office and you were wearing those pants and saying how much you love them but there were dead. Eh, lame memory story there, but whatever.
Hey, Shaina. I think a tighter fitted polo would look better on you. Try getting a smaller size. The only problem with it right now is that it's too loose on your abdomen area. You have the right kind of body for tight shirts, unlike a lot of girls.
It was originally a men's XL (yeah, I can't imagine any XL guy walking around in a lime green polo either), so I just resized it really quickly. I actually made it tighter right after I posted these pictures; loose shirts make me feel like a fatty.
And P.S., your icon is epic. Mind if I steal it for later use?
No problem. :)
you don't know me; i'm a friend-of-a-friend type deal, and i didn't have intentions to comment until i saw your pants. my favorite pair of pants i own look *exactly* like that (minus the patches, for now). i love them to death and i really need to fix them up like you have done so i can wear them again. hah