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I finally maxed out my first Photobucket.

Also, sorry that I'm only making bags right now, since I'm not at home I don't have the supplies for doing any stenciling or what have you.

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I know, I know. I already made a bag almost exactly like this, but I was determined to make something out of this fabric that didn't suck. I formulated a new method of making straps and also figured out how to put pockets in (thank god, I'd have a nervous breakdown if all my stuff were jumbled together in one big bag).

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This bag frickin' rocks. I love Valentine's Day clearance fabric. It's way less yellow than it looks, the lighting in my apartment is utter shit.

See? Lovely pocketses.
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There's a reason I never wear polos, and that reason is that THEY LOOK LIKE SHIT ON ME. But seeing as I'm the girl who never learns from her mistakes, when I found this at Salvation Army I bought it anyway. It'll probably go the way of every other polo I've owned (given away to Kim), but nonetheless, it was something to do.

I knew I needed to add something to it, but since I've no stenciling stuff I just sewed on a lightning bolt and put on one of my Minor Threat pins instead.

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No, the lightning bolt is not off-center. No, I didn't plan to have my belt match the lightning bolt. Yes, I finally got back my favorite pair of jeans. *SQUEE!*

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They're so ripped up and dead, I absolutely adore them. All that black and white stuff is patches sewn or adhesived or hot glued or 'tevs from the inside. Do I have any qualms about posting a picture of my crotch on the internet? Nope, none at all.
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